You Can Have a Big Budget Image Without a Big Budget

Think of me as your full service creative agency. How does it all work? I recently completed a project that serves as a great example of how I can be a one-stop creative marketing solution for your business or organization.

MRG Foundation is a non-profit group that raises funds and awards grants to grassroots social justice groups in Oregon. MRG’s annual fund raising event is called “Justice within Reach” and my work on the project illustrates the various creative resources in my toolbox.

Graphic Design + Branding

I designed the logo and branding for the event, which was used in all marketing materials, presentations, sponsor packets, letterhead, programs, and event visuals.


I was honored to serve as Master of Ceremonies for the event.

Video Production

To set the mood for social justice fundraising, I produced the opening video.

For many small businesses or non-profits, paying for professional graphic design, branding, or audio/video production doesn't seem affordable. With AIW Creative, it’s one guy who wears a lot of hatsand working with just one person lowers your costs. Contact me and let’s work on your next project.